Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, January 3

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Spin to Love

What you need:
Two paper plates, pencil, scissors (plus another set of supplies if you’re making an extra spinner for yourself)

What you do:
On the inside of one of the paper plates (the side you eat off of ), use the pencil to divide the plate into six equal pie-shaped sections. On the other paper plate, use the scissors to cut out a shape equal to the size of one “slice of the pie.”

On the uncut paper plate, ask your child to write down the names of six people they could show love to this week—one name for each of the six sections. Then, instruct them to write “God” on the lip of the plate in all six sections.

Next, stack the cut plate on top of the uncut plate. Use the pencil to poke a hole through the bottom of the plates at the center, holding them together. When you spin the top plate while keeping the bottom plate still, it will reveal one name at a time, as well as God (on the lip of the bottom plate).

Say, “Every morning this week, spin your Love Spinner. Whichever name it lands on, your challenge that day is to find a way to show that person some extra love. Oh—and don’t forget to show love to God every day, too!”

If you have time, create a Love Spinner for yourself as well. That way you can take on the challenge and share the experience with your child.

Talk about the Bible story: 

Describe someone who loves God and loves others.

What are some ways we can love God every day?

What are some ways we can love others every day?

Can you love someone who gets on your nerves? How?

Parent: Share a story about a time you chose to show love to someone, even when it was hard.


“God, thank You for being our Friend forever. Thank You for loving us no matter what. Help us to be a friend like Jonathan. Help us to be loyal, honest, and good to the people You have put in our lives. We love You. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”