Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, January 10

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Acting Out

What you need:
Scrap paper, pencil, jar or bowl

What you do:
Write the following scenarios on small scraps of paper (one scenario per paper scrap).

Sharing your snack with someone
Giving someone money
Mowing the law
Opening a door for someone –
Giving someone a hug
Giving away toys

When you’re finished, fold the scrap papers and place them in a jar or bowl.

Say, “We’re going to play a game where one person acts something out without making a sound. If you see something laying around that you can use as a prop, grab it and use it, but no talking! The other person has to guess what the actor is doing. Ready? Let’s play!”

Take turns with your child(ren), each of you drawing a paper out of the jar or bowl and then acting out the scenario. If someone gets stumped, give them a word or two as a hint (or let them skip one and leave it for you to act out).

When you’re finished, say, “Do you know what all of those actions had in common? They were ways we can share what we have with others.”

Talk about the Bible story: 
In Jesus’ story, what “problem” did the rich man have?

(His land produced so much grain that he didn’t have room in his barns to store it all.)

What did the man decide to do to solve his problem? (Build bigger barns)

Why do you think God was upset with the rich man in the story? (The rich man was selfish; he could have shared his extra grain with a lot of people.)

Have you ever had a hard time sharing something you loved?

This week, what’s one way you can share what you have with someone else?

Parent: Tell a story about a time when you struggled to share something. Then, tell a story about a time you shared what you had. Talk about how you felt after each experience, and how those feelings were different in each situation.

“Dear God, it’s so easy for us to hold on too tightly to the things we have. When we see others in need, help us to be willing to share what we have. You’ve given us so much! You even gave Your own Son to die in our place. Help us to look for opportunities to share what we have with others. Amen.”