Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, June 14

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Flip That Script!

What you need:
5-8 paper plates for each person (or cut out large circles from sheets of paper), markers, a spatula (or spatula-like kitchen utensil) for each person

What you do:
On one side of the paper plates, draw a frowny face, using a red marker. On the other side, draw a smiley face, using a green marker. Talk about some difficult situations that might seem all bad if you look at them one way . . . but with God’s help, you could see them differently.

(For example, a favorite summer camp got canceled, but God gave you a chance to have some quality time as a family. Or a family member is sick, but it has made you feel close as a family—and close to God—to go through that difficult time together.) Write a brief description of one difficult situation on the frowny-face side of each paper plate. On the smiley-face side of the plate, describe how you could view the situation in a different way. (Instead of writing, younger kids could do a quick drawing of each situation.)

Scatter all of the paper plates around the room, with the frowny-face side up. Make sure everyone has their spatula in hand. Call out, “On your mark; get set; GO!” and let everyone race to flip over as many paper plates as possible. The person who gets the most wins! Play a few times to see who can win the most rounds. Or take turns being the one to flip ALL of the plates over, and use a timer to see who can do it the fastest.

Talk about the Bible story: 
o Today’s story is about Saul. What’s the other name he’s more famously known by? (Paul)
o What was Saul known for before He met Jesus? (trying to stop people from believing in Jesus)
o What happened while Saul was on the road traveling to Damascus? (A light blinded him and he heard the voice of Jesus)
o What changed about Saul after he was blinded? (He started following Jesus and telling others about Him)
o Because God loves us so much, He helps bring good things out of bad situations. How did He bring something good out of Jesus dying on the cross? (Because Jesus died and rose again, He made a way for us to be friends with God)
o Knowing Jesus changes the way we see everything. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen or we can’t see God’s plan right away. But because of Jesus, we know that God loves us—and we can trust Him no matter what.

“Dear God, it’s amazing how You changed the way Saul saw everything and everyone around him. We know that You can change the way WE see the world, too. When we don’t understand why things are happening the way they are, help us to trust You. Help us to remember that You can bring good things out of bad situations. Thank You for ALWAYS being there for us. We love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”