Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, June 21

Weekly Parent Guide

ACTIVITY: What’s That Fear?

What you need:
Play-Doh, or markers and paper

What you do:
Pick one person to go first. Ask that person to think of something someone might be afraid of (spiders, storms, cockroaches, snakes, roller coasters), and then either mold it out of Play-Doh or draw it on paper. Everyone else will try to guess what’s being created. The first person to guess correctly gets to be the next person to think of a scary thing for everyone else to guess. Wrap up the game with a quick conversation about fears. Share some of your own fears, and ask your family to share theirs as well. Then talk about how even though we can’t see God, we know He will give us the strength and courage to face our fears.

Talk about the Bible story:

  • In the story, God told Ananias to go find Saul. Why was Ananias afraid to do that? (Saul had been arresting people who believed in Jesus)
  • When Ananias found Saul, he placed his hands on Saul. What happened next? (Something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again)
  • What did Saul do as soon as he could see again? (He got baptized)
  • Who helped Saul get connected with the disciples and other believers to share the story of Jesus? (Barnabas)

“Dear God, it’s so comforting to know that You already know what we’re afraid of. You know when we face situations that we’re scared of. And we know that You’re there to help us face those fears. Remind us that You’re with us, especially when we don’t know what will happen next. Remind us that You can help us face anything. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”