Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, July 12

Weekly Parent Guide

ACTIVITY: Do You Trust Me?

What you need:
A bandana, scarf, thin towel, or adult-sized T-shirt (anything that can be used as a
blindfold); a bunch of toys/stuffed animals

What you do:
Create an obstacle course using the toys, scattering them in a trail around a room. Show your kid the course. Tell them you’re going to lead them through the maze of obstacles, but they’ll have to trust that you’re telling them the right way to go. Blindfold your kid and spin them around a couple of times. Using only the sound of your voice, guide your kid through the obstacle course. Say things like, “Do you trust me? Hop to the left. Now, slide two steps forward. Stop! Now, do the chicken dance! Okay. Follow me. Listen to my voice. Keep going to the right!”

Talk about the Bible story: 

  • In our story today, where was Paul headed? (Athens)
  • Who was Paul? (Paul was a man who used to hate Jesus-followers. Then he met Jesus on the road to Damascus and became a Jesus-follower.)
  • Why was Paul going to Athens? (To tell the people there about Jesus)
  • Does God want us to follow Paul’s example and tell others about Jesus? (Yes! God wants us to lead people to Him just like we did through the obstacle course earlier. He wants us to tell others how to get to Him.)
  • How can we tell others about Jesus? (There are lots of ways to share the story of Jesus with others. We can invite them to a small group party, tell them the story of how we came to know about Jesus, or simply ask them if they’ve ever heard the story of Jesus. Sometimes, just being kind to someone others aren’t kind to shows people that we love Jesus.)
  • As a family, let’s talk about some ways we can help others know Jesus. We can volunteer to mow the neighbor’s yard. We can invite our neighbors to church (or send them digital resources, like the one you’re using now). We can love others whether they’re similar to us or different from us. There are so many ways we can help others know Jesus.

“God, we know You always hear us when we pray. Right now, we pray that we would lead others to You. We pray that the way we treat people inside AND outside of our home would show people that we love You. We pray You would give us the courage to share the story of Jesus whenever we can. Thank You for Paul’s example in the Bible, and most of all, thank You for Jesus. We need You, God, and we love You! Amen.”