Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, July 19

Weekly Parent Guide

ACTIVITY: Sink or Swim Challenge

What you need:
A clear bowl of water and various items that will or won’t sink, such as items made of wood, plastic, or glass; grass; marbles; blocks; uncooked macaroni noodles; foam toys; grapes; etc.

What you do:
Fill up the bowl with water. Gather the various items and your kid(s). Place each item beside the bowl and take a vote on which items everyone thinks will sink and which items will swim (float). If your family is particularly competitive, ramp up the competition by writing down everyone’s votes.

Next, take turns letting everyone drop an item into the bowl of water. Make a note of which items sink and which items swim. And if you’re making this a competition, make sure to crown the champion of the Sink or Swim Challenge!

Talk about the Bible story:

  • In our story today, what happened to Paul’s ship? (It wrecked in a storm.)
  • If you were Paul, how would you have felt? (Scared, angry, sad, worried, hopeless)
  • What did Paul do after the ship was wrecked? (He encouraged the others by telling them that God was going to save them.)
  • What happened next? (Paul was right! His hope and faith encouraged the other people on the wrecked ship and they all were saved.)
  • What are some problems that you have right now? (Discuss)
  • Do you think God keeps His promises? (Yes) And if God promises to be with us and help us through our problems, will he keep that promise? (Yes! We can view our problems in a different way when we have faith that God is always with us.)
  • Having faith in God doesn’t mean we won’t get upset, angry, hurt, or left out. Following
  • Jesus doesn’t mean we won’t have problems. But when we have hard times, we can know that God keeps His promises. And if God promises to take care of us, He will—even when it doesn’t feel like He is in the moment.
  • When we know Jesus, it changes the way we see our problems.

“God, Paul had so many problems and yet he still had faith in You. Help us to be like Paul. Help us to see our problems differently. When we’re sad, or hurt, or our problems seem really big, remind us to talk to You about them. We ask You to help us through them, and we have faith that You will answer our prayers. Amen.”