Elementary (1st – 3rd)

Sunday, November 15

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: No Thumbs

What you need:
Items such as paper, pen, coin, paper clip, etc., and a timer (optional)

What you do:
Place all the items on a flat, hard surface, like a tile floor or a table. Tell your child to try to pick up the items without using their thumbs. They can only use their other fingers and/ or their flat palms (to “scoop” items). To add a little pressure, you could time how long it takes for them to pick up each item, seeing which item requires the most effort.

Say, “It’s not easy picking up things without your thumbs, is it? Imagine not being able to use your hands at all. The men in our story had a disease that caused lots of painful problems like that. That’s why it was so amazing that Jesus healed them!”

Talk about the Bible story: 

What disease did the men in the story have? (skin disease, leprosy)

How many men in the story had a skin disease? (10) How many men in the story did Jesus heal? (10) How many men came back to thank Jesus? (one) Why should we say thank you often?

What kinds of things make you want to say thank you?

As a family, think of someone you can say thank you to. Give them a call, send a text, or write them a card and drop it in the mail.


“God, thank You for being our Friend forever. Thank You for loving us no matter what. Help us to be a friend like Jonathan. Help us to be loyal, honest, and good to the people You have put in our lives. We love You. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”