Preschool (Birth – K)

Sunday, April 11

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: shore

What you need:
Blue towel, plush friend, and a small basket or pan

What you do:
Lay the towel in an open area of your home to be the water. Place the plush friends in the basket/pan and place the basket in the middle of the towel to be a boat.

Act out the Bible story by bringing the plush friend to shore. Once the boat is on shore, remove the friend and have a pretend picnic. Repeat several times.

What to say:

“Look, our friend is in a boat in the water just like the men were in our story today. Let’s push the boat to the shore. When the boat is on shore, you can place your friend on dry land and have a picnic just like they did in our story today. Who had a picnic in our story? (Pause.) That’s right—Jesus and His friends.

“Jesus’ friends were so happy! Jesus came back! And He was making them breakfast! Jesus and His friends sat around the fire, eating their breakfast together. It was the best day ever! Jesus wanted His friends to see that He is alive and He wants to be their friend forever.

“And guess what the best part of the story is? Jesus is alive, and He wants to be YOUR friend forever, too! Who wants to be your friend forever? Jesus wants to be my friend forever!”

“Dear God, Jesus really is amazing! He did so many amazing things while He was on Earth, so we know that He is Your Son. And, the thought that Jesus is alive today and wants to be our friend forever is the best news ever! Thank You, God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.”