Preschool (Birth – K)

Sunday, April 18

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: sharing spoons

What you need:
Plastic spoons and a pair of balled-up socks

What you do:
Give everyone playing a spoon. Place the balled-up socks in your spoon and then transfer them to your child’s spoon. Challenge your child to share the socks by transferring them from their spoon back to yours or another family member’s. Include as many family members as possible and share the socks as long as you can without dropping them. Then, do it again!

What to say:

“Jesus showed His love by sharing, and that’s what His friends did, too. I have a fun game for us to play about sharing!

“I have some socks that I’m going to put on my spoon. Then, I’m going to share them by giving them to you on your spoon. (Demonstrate.) Can you share with somebody else (or back to me)?Try not to drop them! (Do activity.)

“Great job sharing. The people in our Bible story today shared too. They spent a lot of time together. They ate together, talked, laughed, and praised God together. They loved each other because Jesus loved them. We can be friends like Jesus and share so that everyone knows that Jesus loves them and wants to be their friend forever. Who wants to be your friend forever? Jesus wants to be my friend forever.”

“Dear God, Jesus really is amazing! He did so many amazing things while He was on Earth, so we know that He is Your Son. And, the thought that Jesus is alive today and wants to be our friend forever is the best news ever! Thank You, God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.”