Preschool (3yr – K)

Sunday, June 14

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Breakfast

What you need:
Play food and play dishes

What you do:
Encourage everyone to work together to make a pretend breakfast

Talk about the Bible story: 
“I am hungry! Let’s make breakfast. We can use food and make a meal
together. Yummy! You are such good cooks! We heard a Bible story about
someone who had a special breakfast with His friends on the beach. Who was
it? Yes, Jesus! Jesus came back and visited so many of His friends. Jesus is
alive, and we can believe in Him. Who can believe in Jesus? I can believe in

“Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to be our friend forever.
Thank You that He came back, just like He said He would. I pray
we will all believe that Jesus is alive and choose to follow Him. We
love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”