Preschool (3yr – K)

Sunday, June 21

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Emotions

What you need:

Paper plates, Play-Doh® or crayons

What you do:
Encourage children to use the Play-Doh to create the emotions from the story on the paper plate or draw them with crayons. Talk about how Paul’s emotions changed once he believed in Jesus.

What you say:
“In our story, we heard about a man named Paul. He did not want people following Jesus. With your Play-Doh, show me what Paul’s angry face looked like. Wow! Those are angry faces! “Paul was so angry that he was mean to people who followed Jesus. What do you think a mean face looks like? Show me on your plate. “Then, Jesus appeared to Paul like a bright light. Angry Paul, who was mean to people, became happy Paul who loved people and believed in Jesus! Show me what Paul’s happy face looks like. Those are great happy faces! “Everyone can believe in Jesus. When we believe in Jesus, we love people the way Jesus loves us, and that makes us happy! Who can believe in Jesus? I can believe in Jesus.”

“Dear God, thank You that Jesus loves everyone, and everyone can believe in Jesus. You are the best, God, and we love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”