Preschool (3yr – K)

Sunday, June 24

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: ON THE GO

What you need:

No supplies needed.

What you do:

Pretend to ride different types of transportation.

  • Car – pretend to hold steering wheel as you walk.
  • Train – hold on to each other’s shoulders and say, “Choo-choo.”
  • Bicycle – hold pretend handle bars and take large steps like you are pedaling.
  • Motorcycle – pretend to put on helmet then hold handle bars as you walk fast

What you say:

“Are you ready to GO? Let’s drive a car. Now, let’s hold on to everyone and be a choo-choo train. That was so much fun! Now, let’s ride a bike. Be sure to pedal! Let’s go fast! Let’s ride motorcycles. Put on your helmet and let’s go! Today, we heard how we can go and tell others about Jesus! Jesus loves everyone, and we can tell others about Him. Who can believe in Jesus? I can believe in Jesus.”

“Dear God, thank You that Jesus loves everyone, everywhere no matter what they look like, where they live, what language they speak, or what they have done. Help us tell everyone, everywhere that Jesus is alive, He loves them, and He wants to be their friend forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.”