Preschool (3yr – K)

Sunday, July 26

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Things God Made Collage

What you need:

Large box (like a refrigerator box), blankets, small toys, markers (OPTION: If you do not have access to a large box, get beneath a table or a closet as the special place.)

What you do:
Work together to use the blankets and toys to make the inside of the box a special place to play. If using a box, use the markers to decorate the outside. If using a closet or getting beneath a table, use decorations from around the house to make the special place special. Allow the children to play in the special place you decorate together.

What you say:
“We are going to make a special place to play today. We can use the blankets and toys to make this special. (Do activity.) WOW! What a cool special place! “In our Bible story, we heard how Jesus loves us and is making a special place for those who believe in Him! We can believe in Jesus! Who can believe in Jesus? I can believe in Jesus!”

“Dear God, thank You for wonderful places like our house and church and the playground. We love going to these places. Thank You that Jesus is making an even more amazing place where everyone who believes in Him can live with Him forever. You are so good to us, God. We love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”