Preschool (3yr – K)

Sunday, August 2

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Heart Hopscotch

What you need:

Sidewalk chalk, beanbag (or other item to toss) (For an indoor version, you can use painter’s tape to make squares on the floor and use a paper heart.)

What you do:
Draw hopscotch squares on your driveway or sidewalk with the chalk. Draw a heart in the last square. Take turns playing hopscotch. Toss the beanbag onto a square and that’s the square they skip. Start on square one and hop to the end and back, skipping over the square where the beanbag lands. When you get to the heart, say, “Jesus loves me. I can believe in Jesus.” Repeat as desired

What you say:
“Today, we heard a story about Peter. Peter learned that Jesus loved him, no matter what! Guess what? Jesus loves us, too. He wants to be our friend forever. Peter went on to tell everyone that Jesus is God’s son and that He wants to be our friend forever. He helped so many people believe in Jesus. And we can, too! Tell me, who can believe in Jesus? I can believe in Jesus.”

“Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to love us, no matter what. Sometimes, we mess up and we don’t even mean to do it. Other times, we choose to do the wrong thing, and we’re sorry for that. We are so thankful to have a friend like Jesus who will never stop loving us. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”