Preschool (Birth – K)

Sunday, November 8

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: FILL IT UP

What you need:
Duct or masking tape

What you do:
Make a large circle on the floor. Invite your child to stand outside the circle and explain that the circle is empty. Then, tell your child that the two of you are going to jump in the circle and make it full. Repeat several times.

(Note: If you do not have tape, you can use many things to create the circle on the floor—pillows, stuffed animals, a hula hoop, etc.)

What to say:
“Look at our circle! It’s EMPTY! Let’s jump into the circle to make it FULL! Great job! Tell me, Who is good? God is good! Yes, He is. Okay, jump back out of the circle. Now, the circle is empty. Let’s jump into the circle. We made the circle full again. Who is good? God is good! Let’s do it again.

“Great job! First, it was empty, then the circle was FULL! Just like in our Bible story today! What was empty in our Bible story? Yes, the woman’s jars were empty, but Someone filled them up. Who was it? Yes, God filled the jars and made sure they all had something to eat. God is good. Who is good? God is good!”


“Dear God, thank You for (child’s name). I know You have a plan for them, because you love them. I pray they will always trust that You have a plan for them. And when hard things happen, help them to wait on You, do the right thing, and trust in Your plan for them. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”