Preschool (Birth – K)

Sunday, November 15

Weekly Parent Guide


What you need:
Music player and preschool music. We suggest using the monthly song, “Special” found on iTunes at or on Spotify.

What you do:
Have your child stand in front of you. Turn the music on and ask them to dance with their arms in the air. After about 10-15 seconds, turn off the music. Ask your child to stand very still or freeze and put their arms down. Repeat the activity several times in 10-15 second increments, joining in on the fun.

What to say:
“Let’s dance! When you hear the music, dance with your arms in the air. (Demonstrate.) When the music stops, freeze and put your arms down. (Demonstrate.) Are you ready? Let’s go.”

“Whew! That was so much fun! My arms are very tired. Whose arms got tired in our story today? That’s right. It was Moses. God gave him family to help him. Do you remember who it was? Yes, it was his brother, Aaron, and friend, Hur. God gave us family to help, too! God is good. Who is good? God is good!”


“Dear God, thank You for (child’s name). I know You have a plan for them, because you love them. I pray they will always trust that You have a plan for them. And when hard things happen, help them to wait on You, do the right thing, and trust in Your plan for them. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”