Preschool (Birth – K)

Sunday, December 26

Weekly Parent Guide


What You Need
Towel, Christmas bows

What You Do
Lay the towel flat on the floor. Place the Christmas bows on top of the towel. Invite your child to stand on one end of the towel while you stand on the other. Together, pick up the towel and shake it until all the bows fall off.
Say, “We have celebrated Jesus’ birthday all month long. Let’s keep on celebrating just like the wise men did! Let’s pick up the towel together. When I say go, shake the towel. I’ll shake the towel too. Let’s keep celebrating and shaking until all the bows fall off.”

Repeat the activity several times.

“Awesome job celebrating! God loves us so much that He gave us Jesus.
How do we know God loves us? God gave us Jesus!”