Preschool (Birth – K)

Sunday, December 27

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Follow the star

What you need:

Paper, writing utensil, scissors

What you do:
Draw a simple star shape on the paper and cut it out. Hold the star in the air and encourage your child to follow that star. Go all throughout the home being sure to add some silly to the path—go over a chair or under a table while they follow you and the star.

What to say:

“Look what I have! What is it? Yes, it’s a star. We heard about a special star in our story today. Who followed the star? That’s right! Let’s follow the star just like the wise men did!”

(Do activity.)

Say, “God put a special star in the sky to show the wise men where Jesus was. They knew Jesus was very special, and they wanted to give Him gifts. God loves us so much that He gave us Jesus! Jesus is God’s Son! Why is Jesus special? Jesus is God’s Son!”


“Dear God, thank You for (child’s name). I know You have a plan for them, because you love them. I pray they will always trust that You have a plan for them. And when hard things happen, help them to wait on You, do the right thing, and trust in Your plan for them. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”