Preteen (4th – 5th)

Sunday, April 18

Weekly Parent Guide

ACTIVITY: tossing away the fight

What you need:
A ball or beanbag

What you do:
Tell your child that you’re going to play a game. Stand, facing each other, and give your child a scenario. If they think the scenario is worth fighting over, they’ll hold onto the ball. But if they think they should walk away from that fight, they’ll throw the ball to you.

(Remember to return the ball, if they throw it to you, before giving them the next scenario.)


  • Someone makes a face at you in the cafeteria
  • Someone cuts in front of you in line. –
  • At a party, there are four cookies left. The kid in front of you takes THREE! –
  • While you’re at the park, someone calls you a name.
  • When your sister divides the leftover Easter candy, she takes more for herself.
  • The kid behind you on the bus keeps kicking the seat, trying to annoy you. –
  • At recess, someone pushes by you to grab the last available basketball.

Say, “In our story today, Isaac had a choice. He could have chosen to fight to provide food and water for his people. But he walked away from that fight because he knew it was more important to live in peace with others. Let’s think through some peaceful ways we could handle some of the situations from our game.”

Talk about the Bible story:
In our story, what did Esau have trouble waiting for?
(something to eat)

When Esau didn’t wait, what did it cost him?
(his birthright as the firstborn son)

Why do you think waiting is so hard for everybody— adults included?

What might be an upside or benefit of being patient?

What are some situations in which you’d like to do better at waiting with a good attitude?

Parent: Talk about a time when not waiting cost you something.


“Dear God, we need Your help. Waiting isn’t always easy, but we know that it’s much better to wait on You than to face the consequences of losing our cool. Let us learn from Esau’s foolish and impatient choice. When we think we can’t wait, help us to stop and remember what it might cost us if we don’t wait patiently. In Jesus’ name, amen.”