Preteen (4th – 5th)

Sunday, April 25

Weekly Parent Guide

ACTIVITY: bridge the gap

What you need:
Several books; a deck of playing cards (or index cards); timer

What you do:
Set the books in two stacks at the same height, several inches apart. Tell your child that their job is to “bridge the gap” between the stacks of books. (They can do this by fanning out the cards so that they form a bridge between the two stacks. Head to https://bit.ly/3gmJ2si for a visual of what this looks like.)

After your child successfully builds their first bridge, tell them they now have to do it in only 60 seconds! Reset the cards and books. Set the timer to 60 seconds and tell your child to bridge the gaps again!

Talk about the Bible story:

Who were the peacemakers in the story? What made them peacemakers?

Who were not peacemakers? Why don’t you consider them peacemakers?

What about the servants who told Abigail about David’s plan? Do you think they were trying to be part of the solution, or were they trying to cause unnecessary drama? What is the difference between helping and creating drama? (This is an opportunity to talk about the motivation behind their actions.)

Have you ever had to be a peacemaker in a tough situation? What did you do? How did it make you feel afterward?

Are there any situations right now where you could “bridge the gap” and be a peacemaker?

Parent: talk about a time when you had to be a peacemaker.


“Dear God, we need Your help. Waiting isn’t always easy, but we know that it’s much better to wait on You than to face the consequences of losing our cool. Let us learn from Esau’s foolish and impatient choice. When we think we can’t wait, help us to stop and remember what it might cost us if we don’t wait patiently. In Jesus’ name, amen.”