Preschool (4th – 5th)

Sunday, June 14

Weekly Parent Guide

Activity: Attention-Grabbers

What you need:
paper, pens, timer

What you do:
Make sure everyone has a sheet of paper and something to write with. Spread out
so no one can see anyone else’s paper. Set a timer for five minutes. During that
time, everyone should write down as many things as they can think of that would
get someone’s attention. For example: an air horn, waving your hands, flashing the
lights in the room, etc. Encourage everyone to get creative and even a bit
o-the-wall with their responses. Anything goes—as long as it’s something that
could get someone’s attention to shift from one thing to another.
When the timer goes o, have everyone compare their lists. Ask everyone to cross
out anything that someone else also has on their list. Whoever ends up with the
most items on their list is the winner!

Talk about the Bible story: 
o What was Saul known for before He met Jesus? (trying to stop people from
believing in Jesus)
o How did God get Saul’s attention? (While Saul was traveling to Damascus, a light
blinded him and he heard the voice of Jesus)
o What changed about Saul after he was blinded? (He started following Jesus and
telling others about Him)
o Knowing Jesus changes the way we see everything—but first He has to get our
attention. We probably won’t be blinded by a light, so how does God try to get our
attention these days?
o Is God changing the way you see anything in your life right now?

“Dear God, it’s amazing how You changed the way Saul saw everything and
everyone around him. We know that You can change the way WE see the world,
too. When we don’t understand why things are happening the way they are, help
us to trust You. Help us to remember that You can bring good things out of bad
situations. Please help us to see when You’re trying to get our attention so we can
grow closer to You. We love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”