Preteen (4th – 5th)

Sunday, July 12

Weekly Parent Guide


What you need:
A few chairs or stools (kitchen table sized), something to use for a blindfold (bandana, scarf, thin t-shirt), and a timer (optional)

What you do:
As much as possible, clear out some space in a room and scatter around the chairs or stools from one side to the other. Blindfold your kid and put them on the opposite side of the room from you. Using only the sound of your voice, guide them through the chairs. Say things like, “Do you trust me? Okay, take two steps to the left. Stop! Now, one small step to the right. One more small step. STOP! STOP!” (You can make it sound a lot more complicated than it really is, giving them extra directions between chairs.) When they’re finished, it’s your turn! Put on the blindfold and follow the sound of your kid’s voice from one end of the room to the other. If you’re feeling competitive, use a timer and see who can complete the maze the quickest!

Talk about the Bible story: 

  • What stood out to you the most about today’s story? (Discuss)
  • Why do you think Paul was so passionate about telling others about Jesus? (Because of his experience on the road to Damascus; Because he’d once hated Jesus-followers and now he was one; Because of all that Jesus had done for him. There is no “right” answer.)
  • Has Jesus done something for you? (Yes! He died on a cross for me. He loves me. He hears my prayers. He gives me what I need when I need it.)
  • Like Paul, we have so many reasons to tell others about Jesus. Think back to our activity earlier with the chairs. How is what we did similar to telling others about Jesus? (Sometimes it takes someone else to lead you to what you need. Talk more about this with your kid, letting them share their thoughts.)
  • How can you help others know Jesus? (Invite them to small group (even if it’s online), simply tell them the story of Jesus, ask them if you can pray for them, tell them the story of how you met Jesus.)

“God, we know You always hear us when we pray. Right now, we pray that we would lead others to You. We pray that the way we treat people inside AND outside of our home would show people that we love You. We pray You would give us the courage to share the story of Jesus whenever we can. Thank You for Paul’s example in the Bible, and most of all, thank You for Jesus. We need You, God, and we love You! Amen.”