Preteen (4th – 5th)

Sunday, September 6

Weekly Parent Guide

ACTIVITY: Finding Friends

What you need:
Paper and pencil

What you do:

Draw the outline of a body on a sheet of paper. Then give your child the pencil and ask them, “What do you think makes a good friend?” Prompt them to write down (inside the body outline) all the qualities they look for when they’re choosing friends.

When they finish, ask them to choose two qualities and tell you why they wrote those down. Then ask them to go back and put a circle around any qualities THEY’VE shown as a friend over the last week.

Engage your child in a conversation about the ways they’ve been a good friend over the last week.

Talk about the Bible story: 
In the video today, we talked about how much better it can be when we do things together. Is there a particular friend that you like doing things with?

Do you think it matters who you choose as a friend?

(Yes, because our friends influence us. We start to talk like them and act like them. So we should choose our friends carefully.)

We’ve already talked about what makes someone a good friend. Look at what you wrote down. Which three things do you think are the most important qualities of a good friend, and why?

What kind of friend are you?

What kind of friend do you want to be?

Say, “Remember, it matters who you choose to be friends with. If you choose friends who disobey, you’ll probably disobey. If you choose friends who work hard, you’ll probably work hard. Choose your friends carefully.”

“Dear God, thank You for these stories of the faithful people who came before us. Help us to learn from them and discover how we can have faith and grow closer to You. Thank You for sending Your one and only Son to show us who You are, and to make a way for us to have a relationship with You. We love You. In Jesus’ name, amen.”