Preteen (4th – 5th)

Sunday, December 26

Weekly Parent Guide



What you need:
Long string or piece of yarn (ideally, 15 to 20 inches long), timer

What you do:
Place the string on a table. Challenge your child to form the yarn into a star shape using only one hand, without ever removing their hand from the string. Time them to see how long it takes.

When their turn is over, it’s your turn! Let your child time you as you try to shape the string into a star. When you’re finished, crown the “shining star” shaper (i.e. whoever created a star in the shortest amount of time).


Talk about the Bible story:

How was the star important in our story today?
(The wise men followed the star, and it led them to Jesus.)

Why did the wise men follow the star? (They knew it pointed to something special.)

How did the wise men celebrate Jesus? (They bowed down to Him and gave Him gifts.)

Why do you think it’s sometimes hard for us to celebrate the meaning of Christmas all year long?

What are some ways we can celebrate Jesus all year long?

Parent: Schedule three other dates throughout the year for your family to celebrate Jesus together. You could have a Christmas in July, where you break out the Christmas decorations for a few days and sing Christmas carols. Or you could simply choose some dates where you’ll intentionally thank God for sending Jesus and talk about how you can worship Him with your everyday life.



Use this prayer as a guide, either after talking about the Bible story or sometime before bed tonight:

“God, You are amazing! Nothing is impossible for You. You love the world so much that You gave us Jesus . . . and when we believe in Him, we can have a relationship with You forever. Jesus is worth celebrating all year long. Help us to remember each day to look for ways we can celebrate Your greatest gift, Jesus! Amen.”