Preteen (4th – 5th)

Sunday, December 27

Weekly Parent Guide

      ACTIVITY: Peaceful or Not Peaceful?

What you need:
Two sheets of paper and a writing utensil

What you do:
Write down the word “Peaceful” on one sheet of paper, and “Not Peaceful” on the other. Tell your child that you’re going to describe a situation to them. If they think it sounds like a peaceful situation, they hold up the “Peaceful” sign. If they think it doesn’t sound peaceful, they hold up the “Not Peaceful” sign.

As you read the following scenarios, pause after each one, allowing your child to choose the “Peaceful” or “Not Peaceful” sign.

  • Watching a big parade
  • Taking a test
  • Hiking in the mountains
  • Hearing a thunderstorm
  • Singing and worshipping God –
  • Arguing with a friend or sibling –
  • Reading the Bible
  • Sleeping

Talk about the Bible story:

Who visited Jesus in our story today? (The shepherds) How did the shepherds know that Jesus had been born? 

(An angel appeared to them and told them.)

Read what the angels said to the shepherds in Luke 2:14.

What did the shepherds do after they saw Jesus? (They went and spread the word that Jesus had been born. Then, they praised God.)

When you think of the word “peace,” what do you think of?

What is the opposite of peace? What does that feel like?

What are some things that make you feel worried or afraid?

Parent: Share a personal story about a time you felt peaceful in a non-peaceful situation. Where did that peace come from? Did you ask God to provide it? Was there someone else with you who helped you experience peace?


“Dear God, thank You so much for giving us a Savior. Thank You that because of Jesus, we can have peace in every situation—and all we have to do is ask. We ask that You would help us to be peaceful people—kind and loving, generous and forgiving. We love You. Amen!”