Serve alongside the local church

Bulgaria 2023

November 5 – 13, 2023

We’re excited to provide an opportunity for you to serve through with Convoy of Hope in Europe.

Founded in 681 A.D., Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe. After years of communist rule, it gained freedom in 1990 and joined the European Union in 2007. There’s an enormous opportunity to come alongside church leaders to serve and empower vulnerable communities in Bulgaria.

New to The Fields Mattoon

What to Expect

Our team will be visiting Bulgaria and may get the opportunity to work with the local church and assist with work focused on Roma (Gypsy) children, Community Events, or with refugees. The Bulgarian people are very friendly and relational. Our team will spend time learning from and sharing with the people of this country.

Mark Cartright

Cost $4000

What’s included:

  • Airfare & Ground Transportation
  • Project Costs
  • Housing and Food
  • Insurance

Payment Schedule

June 30, $100
July 31, $2,000
October 31, $2,000

Deadlines & Important Dates

June 30 : Registration Deadline
July 31 : Apply for the passport deadline