Make an Impact

The generosity of the people of the church helps create more opportunities for people to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and there is no greater impact we could make together.

We teach and practice the Biblical principle of tithes and offerings.
Tithe means a tenth. When we tithe, we give 10 % of our income to God. God not only calls us to give as an act of obedience but to give generously. Once you are faithfully tithing, we would like you to consider giving above and beyond.

Each year we set specific goals for outreach and campus expansion so that more and more people can be reached with the Gospel. Kingdom Builders are people who give sacrificially, above and beyond their tithe to help us expand the Kingdom of God. We do this by partnering with local and global organizations.

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Your Gift Makes A Difference

Through your faithful giving, we are making an eternal impact across the world, helping more people hear the life-giving message of Jesus.

Mark Cartright

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is our way of bringing the Good News of the gospel to all nations through a faithful community passionate about generosity. The Bible shows us that Jesus gave all He had to reach the lost—and that there is no greater love than this. We want all nations and all people to be reached with the gospel so that the Kingdom of God is built all around the world.

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Invest Into Future Ministers

America’s churches are struggling to find a new generation of pastors as the current generation is retiring, or many churches are in need of additional pastoral staff.

A recent report shows 25 percent of pastors across the United States hope to retire in the next seven years. Yet most pastors agree that churches aren’t rising to their responsibilities to train up the next generation of Christian leaders.

We want to be different. We want to train the next generation. We are asking you to come alongside and help with that.

    Our goal is to give $5,000 for future minister investment.

    • $2500 towards scholarships to The Fields Students attending ministry colleges.
    • $2500 to build relationships and invest in students attending Called College, Evangel University, North Central University, and many other ministry colleges. 
    Mark Cartright

    2022 Annual Report

    Our annual report contains important information about the financial benchmarks of our church, as well as measurable outcomes on our ministries this past year.

    Thank you for your continued passion and involvement at The Fields Church. The best is yet to come! Thanks for making a difference.

    Ways To Give

    Financial giving through the church is done in two ways: tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches that we worship the Lord by bringing Him our tithe, which is 10% of our income. When we give in addition to our tithe, it’s called an offering.

    God tells us in His Word that He loves a cheerful giver, which is why we always want to create opportunities to give as He leads us and with a cheerful heart, through no obligation.

    If you’re ready to give, you can do it online, by mail, or through a text message.


    Online Giving

    We are truly grateful for your donation and hope the convenience and simplicity of online giving will be helpful to you. You can use our secure platform to quickly and easily give online.

    Text to Give

    Giving is as easy as sending a text! Learn more about how to give any time from anywhere with a single text.

    Text Give to (815) 240-2795

    Give During a Service

    If you prefer, you can still give during one of our weekend services by filling out a provided envelope and placing it in one of the offering containers. You can use this envelope to give by cash or check. Envelopes and offering containers will be made available at each location.