Help families and orphans in Mexico.

Mexico 2024

July 27 – August 2, 2024
Tijuana, Mexico

Rescuing the orphan.
Loving the broken.
Restoring the hopeless.

During this seven-day trip to Tijuana, Mexico we will serve The Mission, a mission that provided orphan care to Mexican children. The Mission Mexico campus directly impacts over 450 children each day through orphan-care, family care, education programs and more. Our mission team will experience community outreach programs and construction projects.

New to The Fields Mattoon

What to Expect

Daily Worship & Devotions
Community Outreach Programs
Construction Work Project
Meals & Housing Provided On Campus

Mark Cartright

Cost $1400

What’s included:

  • Meals
  • Airfare
  • Ministry Supplies

Payment Schedule

Down Payment: May 1 $325
May 15 $325
Jun 1 $325
Final Payment Jun 15: $325


Deadlines & Important Dates

April 7: Info meeting after the last service
April 15: Apply for Passport
June 15: Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad (Notarized)
May 18: Visa Application
June 10th: Proof of Valid Passport (can’t expire within 6 months of returning to the US)